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Learn About Mold, The Dangers Involved, And The Benefits Of Conducting Professional Black Mold Test

What do you know about mold infestation? What is the true significance of black mold test? You must understand that certain amount of mold is available everywhere including indoors and outdoors as well. It is present in the air and you can also see it on plants, foods, dry leaves and other types of organic materials. Mold spores enter your home through doors, windows, heating and cooling systems and, they also get in through animals and human beings.

Mold Growth - Most Vulnerable Areas

These mold spores thrive faster and become more active when they land on places where the moisture level is really high. The most common moisture-prone areas include basements, crawlspace, roof, bathrooms, plumbing lines, kitchen, attic, closets, places under staircase, and area under sink. Other areas that promote mold growth include paper products, carpets, cardboard, upholstery, wood, insulation materials and many more. The bottom line is that molds thrive faster in moisture or wet areas.

Different Types Of Molds

Experts are of the opinion that there are more than 400000 types of molds available and out of which, only 100000 have been named. Basically, molds can be classified into three different categories and they include allergenic molds, pathogenic molds and toxigenic molds (black molds) as well.

Allergenic Molds

Allergenic molds do not cause any dangerous health complications to human beings but regular exposure to these molds can invite mild issues like scratchy throat, eye irritation, nose irritation and rashes.

Pathogenic Molds

As the name suggests itself, pathogenic molds cause infection and prolonged exposure can make you vulnerable to serious problems like pneumonitis, hypersensitivity and other related issues. These types of molds always cause critical health issues to people, who have compromised, suppressed or underdeveloped immune system.

Toxigenic Molds Or Black Molds

These types of molds can be described as the most dangerous ones and they produce fungal metabolites (toxic agents) known as mycotoxins to cause highly serious health complications. Prolonged exposure to these molds can invite critical respiratory diseases, memory loss, chronic physical fatigue and many more health issues. It is absolutely essential to identify the presence of toxigenic molds as early as possible and that is exactly where the importance of black mold test comes in.

Dangers Of Mold Infestation

It is a well known fact contaminated indoor environment invites a lot of health complications. Mold infestation reduces the indoor air quality seriously and it leads to health complications like watery eyes, diarrhea, runny nose, headache, dermatitis, skin rashes, throat irritation, eye irritation, chronic physical fatigue, memory loss, bleeding in the lungs, other respiratory complications, pneumonitis, hypersensitivity and many more.

What Is The Real Significance Of Toxic Mold Testing By A Professional?

Many people use home test kits to identify the presence of mold. This method of approach helps you identify mold infestation in some visible areas and you cannot identify the mold growth in the hidden areas. The spores are placed within a slimy, gelatinous mass in a toxic mold colony and you cannot see them with your naked eyes. Advanced equipment is needed to identify these tiny organisms. When you conduct mold test by yourself, you may also end up disturbing some of these dangerous mold spores unknowingly and they will get dispersed in the air to cause greater damage. It can be said without an iota of doubt that all these aspects clearly point out the true significance of hiring a professional for black mold test.

How Do Professionals Conduct Black Mold Test?

Experience professionals perform a detailed visual inspection of your property with the help of advanced equipment. Thermal imaging camera is used to check the walls and they make use of an advanced moisture meter to identify the hidden mold growth in different part of your home. These professionals collect different types of samples to arrive at the best conclusion and they include surface sample, cavity sample and air quality sample as well. A spore trap or air pump is used to collect the air sample and mold inspection professionals also use a tape lift or medical swab to gather surface samples. Cavity samples are collected using an air pump or spore trap and a tube is attached to the end of the spore trap to collect cavity samples from within the walls.


After having collected all these samples, renowned black mold test professionals send them to a laboratory for further analysis. Based on the laboratory findings, they prepare a detailed inspection report containing information about the collected samples, exact mold species that are causing the harm, mold concentration levels and most effective remedial steps as well. When you come to know about all these aspects, mold remediation process becomes hassle free and result oriented as well. For more information, contact Rousey Restoration at . We look forward to your call!

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