Black Mold Testing

It is important to perform mold testing in your home to check whether you have a mold problem. There are also other reasons for testing for molds such as finding molds that have been hidden from open view, identifying the types of mold present in your home and also measuring the quality of air within your house. The black mold which is toxic in nature can be very costly to get rid of while there is also the risk of health complications that comes with it. It is therefore imperative that you carry out black mold testing before you embark on any process of treatment.

To ensure that accurate tests are carried out, it is always advisable to hire a professional to carry out the mold testing process. This will lead to more accurate test results after the collection and analysis of samples.

When testing for black molds, always consider starting with the more common areas of possible infestation such as bathrooms, basements, crawlspaces and also the kitchen where dampness is a regular occurrence. Mold growth is usually sustained by the presence of water and so the damp and humid areas are very much commonly susceptible.

Because of the very conspicuous smell of black mold, you should always take it is an indication of infestation whenever you smell the musty and strong odor. Sighting the usual black color of mold should also be enough indication that your home is likely infested. After carrying out these two self-testing methods, you should be able to decide whether to carry out further tests to ascertain your earlier findings or call a professional to carry out the tests.

The amount of mold in your house changes from time to time and that's why it is important to carry out the tests at different times and in different locations within your house to really determine the level of infestation.

Companies that carry out mold testing basically use three methods namely air testing, bulk testing and surface testing.

Air Testing To Check For Black Mold

This type of black mold testing method takes samples of air in your home. It will then test for how much concentration of spores of mold is available in the air sample. This is done by examining the sample taken through a microscope. This test is very ideal especially in instances when you cannot physically locate the black mold. Air testing can also be used to determine what species of mold is growing in your house and also the necessary remedy. The amount of spores in the air can change abruptly depending on different factors leading to varied results.

Bulk Testing

Bulk testing for molds is done by collecting several samples of material from your house. The next stop is the laboratory where these materials are then examined under a microscope to determine whether they contain any particles of black mold. Bulk testing is very reliable in determining if there is any black mold infestation in your house, the species and also the concentration.

Surface Testing

As the name suggests, this method of black mold testing takes samples from surfaces of household material to check if there is any mold growth in your home. Tapes can be used to obtain the samples or a method known as swabbing. The collected sample is then forwarded to the laboratory for analysis. This method can be used to determine if there is any mold growth and also the species. It however cannot be used to determine the concentration of spores in the air within your house.

After carrying out the tests and determining that there is indeed black mold growing in your house, apply the appropriate measures to get rid of it. The black mold can cause several health complications especially if you breath or eat it. This makes the process of testing very essential whenever you suspect that your home is infested. Since the process is costly as earlier observed, carry out self-tests before bringing in professionals to perform the laboratory tests.

When you are done getting rid of the black mold, you should perform further testing to ensure that the process of removal was a success. When it's not completely removed then your home is still likely to be highly infested because of further growth. Give Rousey Restoration a call at 1-877-959-8360 today for a free estimate!

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